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August 2021 Major Updates:

Marion County Ending the HIV Epidemic 2020 Overview

Marion County Ending the HIV Epidemic Planning Process

Celebrating the IAC 2020 VIRTUAL presented by the Hoosier IAC Scholarship Fund Group (HISFG)

HISFG Handbill - Single Page (photo) IAC
2020 HIV Information

IND AIDS Service Org

Attending 2020 IAC California 


Not All HIV Treatments

are the Same

HIV Resources

Haven @ Trinity

Haven @ Trinity

Hepatitis C Education

AIDS Drug Information

Feeling Wheel

HIV EPIDEMI Cont. Care- S Parmar

Int. AIDS Society Statement- London Patient Remis. After Transplant

Awareness Statement Harold Brown to All Hoosiers re: HIV and AIDS

Poor People's Campaign to Include Health Outcomes Resulting from Poverty

IAS International Organization for IAC 2020

Prescribing Info We
Should Know

Indianapolis Dep. Mayor Awareness HIV

IAC 2020

WCC HIV Workshop Refugees Data

Trinity Episcopal Church creates Haven House LGBTQ Youth

Towards an HIV Cure 2019

Indiana AIDS Service Organizations Attending International AIDS Conference in San Francisco & Oakland July 2020

Below is the link to the AIDS Map:
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Follow NAM AIDSmap on
< Facebook
HIV drug guide_0001.jpg
hiv basics for living_0001.jpg
2018 and 2019 HIV Info

Annual Viral Load 2018

Trump Pledges to end HIV

Health and Human Services

Paediatric HIV Matters JIAS

American Cancer Society 

Denying AIDS Critic 

Critic Denying AIDS

Arthritis and HIV

Truvada and side effects

Truvada and side effects
and males

Onward Upward

Arthritis and Oxford University

Arthritis and HIV

Principles and Application of Cultural Humility by Melanie Tervalon M.D.

BU Wellness Network

IND Leader serves people of color.

Public Health Policy Update




Consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection

Recommendations for a public health approach - Second edition


These guidelines provide guidance on the diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, the use of antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection and the care of people living with HIV. They are structured along the continuum of HIV testing, prevention, treatment and care.

This edition updates the 2013 consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs following an extensive review of evidence and consultations in mid-2015, shared at the end of 2015, and now published in full in 2016. It is being published in a changing global context for HIV and for health more broadly.

Indiana State Board of Health Holds Monthly Advisory Council Meetings 

 Extensive Worldwide Search Results from EBSCOHOST (truvada+side effects+males)

HIV Drug Cell Interaction_0001.jpg
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