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Volunteers behind this Website!
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The site was built on creativity and humor filled consultations with the IT Consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning on the Indiana University Purdue University Campus at Indianapolis.


Sufia Sukhyani, a Graduate Student in  the Mechanical Engineering Department here at IUPUI, collaborated with the IUPUI Community Scholar  Harold Brown  to reach out to the Hoosiers here in Indiana. They aimed to achieve a mission of creating awareness about the AIDS 2020 Conference at San Francisco and Oakland, California. They succeeded in completing the website just in time to lure in Hoosiers belonging to all age groups, races, communities and countries for one common cause of ending HIV and AIDS! 

To allow this website to continue to serve our community, please come forward and register online to be a delegate and contribute to this huge Global Cause of ending and overcoming the HIV/AIDS impact on our world!

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