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Global Village and Youth Programme

1. What is Global Village?

The Global Village is a diverse and vibrant space where communities from all over the world gather to meet, share and learn from each other. It intersects the main conference programme, blending scientific sessions with cultural activities, live performances, networking zones, NGO booths, marketplace booths and art exhibits. Here, communities can demonstrate the application of science and good leadership, and conference participants are invited to see how science translates into community action and intervention.

The Global Village and Youth Programme is created from public applications from a diverse range of individuals, groups and organizations for a variety of activities. It is open to the general public and conference delegates, and admission is free.

2. What is the youth programme?

Young people will play an active role in all aspects of AIDS 2020. The Youth Programme will include a variety of activities designed for and by young people, including cultural and educational performances, presentations, workshops and panel discussions. The Youth Pavilion within the Global Village will host most of the youth-related activities and will provide spaces for young people from around the world to network, collaborate and showcase achievements.

While the dedicated Youth Programme is aimed at providing a platform for young people to participate in youth-specific activities at the conference, another key objective is to promote the value of intergenerational exchange between older and younger populations of people involved in the global response to HIV. In this way, we encourage all young participants to engage in all parts of the conference programme, as well as youth-specific activities.

3. If my application to be a part of the Global Village and Youth Programme is successful, who will pay for my travel and accommodation expenses?

Travel and accommodation expenses must be covered by organizers of the activity themselves.

Main organizers of AIDS 2020 Global Village and Youth Programme activities who need financial assistance to attend the conference are encouraged to apply for a scholarship from the AIDS 2020 Scholarship Programme. A limited number of scholarships are available; therefore, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek other or additional funding. If co-organizers of Global Village and Youth Programme activities require financial assistance, they should submit a separate scholarship application.

Visit the AIDS 2020 Scholarship page for more information. Applications for the Scholarship Programme close on 15 January 2020.

4. If our activity is accepted, will we receive any funds for transporting materials and setting up our activity?

There are no funds available to cover transporting materials or set-up costs. Shipment of goods, as well as the setting up of activities, is at the expense of the activity organizer(s). Advice on shipping will be provided once successful applicants accept their invitation to run their activity in the Global Village and Youth Programme at AIDS 2020.

5. Can I automatically access the conference if I am accepted for a Global Village Activity?

A successful Global Village and Youth Programme application does not guarantee access to the whole conference programme. Successful applicants will need to register online to access the conference. Please check the conference website for more information on the registration process. The Global Village space is open and free to conference delegates and the general public.

6. How much space do I have for my activity at the Global Village?

This depends on the type of activity. You will find details regarding sizes of activity areas in the application form for Global Village and Youth Programme activities and in the Global Village and Youth Programme submission guidelines.

7. Can we ask for donation for charge for an activity?

The Global Village is a space to present activities from communities worldwide. With the exception of marketplace booths, it is not a fundraising event. It is, however, a great opportunity to get in touch with donors and leaders, to network and to exchange experiences.

8. What are the criteria's for an activity being selected?

Selection criteria are described in the Global Village and Youth Programme submission guidelines.

9. Who selects the activities for the Global Village and Youth Programme?

All proposals submitted for the Global Village and Youth Programme will be reviewed by a team of nominated reviewers, who will score applications based on a blind scoring system. The programme activity reviewers are your peers: people living with HIV, scientists, activists, policy makers, healthcare workers, community activists, educators and other people who work in areas relating to HIV. Following the review period, the Global Village and Youth Programme Working Group will meet with staff from the IAS to finalize the programme for all Global Village and Youth Programme-related activities.

10. When will we be notified if our Global Village and Youth Programme Activity proposal is successful?

Notifications will be circulated to successful and unsuccessful applicants by the end of March 2020.

11. Where will the Global Village be located?

At AIDS 2020, the Global Village and Youth Programme will have a presence in both San Francisco and Oakland. More details will be available soon.

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